Why network-level access is critical… for attackers!

In recent months, we’ve seen a new trend where malware is used to load and distribute other types of threats like ransomware, trojans, backdoors etc. Malware distribution as a service.

One recent...

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Zero Trust is the InfoSec trend of 2018: here’s why

The use of cloud applications and cloud-based storage have become so popular that organizations are being compelled to re-define and update their security and access strategy to protect their...

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How I Became A Believer In Consuming IT Security As A Service

This article was originally published in Forbes

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InfoSec team: this Thanksgiving give thanks for Zero Trust

Thanksgiving – when families get together and express gratitude for everything they have. Traditionally this is a time for looking back to evaluate the past year and to give thanks for how far...

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To Trust Or Not To Trust: That Is The Question

Information security is a field that has received a lot of attention in recent years from theoreticians and practitioners alike. Coming from an IT network security practitioner background over the...

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Zero Day protection of SSH Servers with Zero Trust Access

On October 17th, Peter Winter-Smith of NCC Group disclosed a vulnerability in a popular implementation of SSH protocol – libssh.


The vulnerability originated from a specific...

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