Best of both worlds: automated cloud access management and incident response

Cloud adoption has done a lot of good for businesses in driving innovation, agility, and scale. But as organizations adopt cloud services into their IT infrastructure, their security teams are...

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5 mistakes CISOs must avoid in 2019

It’s that time of year again when you’re expected to review the past year and refine your resource protection strategies to avoid a data breach. The stakes are high. There is almost nothing more...

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Why Automation And APIs Should Replace User Interfaces For Enterprise IT And Security Solutions

This blog was originally published on Forbes 

The information technology market, according to various opinions, is evolving in cycles or waves. Each such cycle can have clear specifications on how...

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Why network-level access is critical… for attackers!

In recent months, we’ve seen a new trend where malware is used to load and distribute other types of threats like ransomware, trojans, backdoors etc. Malware distribution as a service.

One recent...

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Zero Trust is the InfoSec trend of 2018: here’s why

The use of cloud applications and cloud-based storage have become so popular that organizations are being compelled to re-define and update their security and access strategy to protect their...

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How I Became A Believer In Consuming IT Security As A Service

This article was originally published in Forbes

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