14 Influential Cloud Security, Infosec & DevOps Experts to Follow


Cloud technology demands big thinkers. As our networks become decentralized, the management and security challenges have grown exponentially, while the attack surface has expanded to the point of no return. Cloud security professionals, cloud architects, engineers and DevOps need to know how to manage, maintain and secure an almost abstract network that has myriad endpoints, users, data centers, security appliances, and more. Their knowledge is gained through insight, and sheer hard work. The Cloud and InfoSec expert community is thriving on Twitter.

Below we’ve listed some of the security and architect experts we follow and think you should follow too, to get your daily dose of all things Cloud.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Chief Evangelist,
Amazon Web Services
Jeff has a long, illustrious career working in the tech industry. Jeff is the host for the AWReport – a video channel which interviews experts on the use of the AWS Cloud platform. Keep in touch with AWS updates by following Jeff’s tweets. And when he isn’t tweeting about AWS Jeff has some great insights into Lego!

Geoff Belknap

Geoff Belknap Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Chief Security Officer,
Geoff is responsible for managing Slack’s physical and cyber security. Geoff has a wide set of skills in the tech sector and has a real feel for innovative approaches to cybersecurity. He is also a regular speaker at Slack Frontiers, and a member of the CSIS Cyber Policy Task Force. Check out Geoff’s advice series for CSO’s on LinkedIn starting with “Talking to the board is the easy part.”

Glenn Block aka 007

Glenn Block Top Experts Cloud - Luminate
Sr. Director of Product Management, 

Glenn, working for Auth0, has a focus on identity in the cloud, and more specifically on delivering a platform for SaaS products to handle integrations and customization in the cloud in a secure manner through 'Extend'. Glenn has expertise in DevOps, architecture, and design patterns. He also offers up his time by contributing to initiatives like codelikeagirl.io. Check out Glenn’s posts on Medium including “Adventures in Serverless at Auth0.”

Julia Evans

Julia Evans Top Cloud experts - Luminate
Software Developer,

Julia is a software developer at Stripe, a global technology company building economic infrastructures for the Internet. Followed by over 92K, Julia is an avid and engaging blogger and has written over 350 blogs since 2012. Julia loves showing how topics traditionally considered “hard” and “scary” in the world of developers and programming, are actually accessible and interesting and fun. Also be sure to check out Julia’s highly clever cartoon tutorials, the zines.

Patrick Gray

Patrick Gray Top Experts Cloud - Luminate-413952-edited
Journalist and Host,
Risky Business
Patrick is an award-winning journalist and the host of the renowned Risky Business Podcast. This is a weekly review of the news and interviews with security luminaries. The podcast was described by Wired Magazine as “The security industry’s most informative podcast.”

Derrick Harris

Derrick Harris Top Experts Cloud - Luminate
Founder, Editor, Writer, ARCHITECHT
Running content at Replicated

Derrick is a renowned technology journalist and authority on Cloud computing and emerging technologies including AI and modern platforms. His news platform ARCHITECHT has a regular newsletter and a weekly podcast. The Twice weekly newsletter keeps you up to date with changes in the industry and gives views on emerging technologies.

Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey Hightower Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Staff Developer Advocate,
Google Cloud Platform
Kelsey is a communicator, educator, and a product specialist who loves to run technical workshops. He is a strong advocate of the use of Open Source tools and the use of Cloud standards to build products quickly and efficiently. He tweets about cloud computing, and recently tweeted that: “The next major container management platform will eliminate the idea of a node and double down on the ideas introduced by the Kubernetes Pod.”

David Linthicum

David Linthicum Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Chief Cloud Strategy Officer,
Deloitte Consulting
David is a world expert on Cloud computing and has a long track record of working with prestigious companies in top-level positions. David is a prolific writer with 13 books on computing under his belt as well as hundreds of articles. To get the latest development in Cloud computing and architecture listen to his Cloud Weekly podcast.

Marion Marschalek

Marion Marschalek
Independent Security Researcher
Marion is a security researcher and a malware reverse engineer that focuses on the analysis of emerging threats and exploring novel methods of threat detection. She has spoken in all the major security conferences including Defcon, Black Hat, RSA and others. She teaches malware analysis and runs a free reverse engineering workshop for women. She practices martial arts and has a vivid passion for taking things apart, preferably, other people's things. 

Diogo Mónica

Diogo Monica Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Security Lead, 
Diogo has a distinguished presence in the cloud security community, having spent much of his career building secure solutions for the likes of Square and lately Docker. He is also Chair of the Disruptive Innovations Committee at IEEE. He has a personal blog where he discusses his views and ideas on security-related technologies and approaches.

Ian Moyse

Ian Moyse Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Sales Director, 
Ian is covered in accolades showing him to be at the top of his game in terms of cloud computing. Examples of his awards include the “TalkinCloud Top200 cloud expert, SMBNation Top 150 Channel Influencer”. He was also voted a top 50 cloud and data center influencer in 2017. Ian speaks at a number of key cloud events and recently spoke on “How Clouds Can Enhance Customer Experience” at the Cloud Expo Europe.

Alex Stamos

Alex Stamos Top Cloud Experts - Luminate-620206-edited
Chief Security Officer, 
Alex has a focus on emerging security threats which he puts to the test in his day job at Facebook. He also places focus on the security community being more open and collaborative to help ensure user safety. Alex often talks about the use of 2-factor authentication, including Yubikey. Before Facebook, Alex was CISO for Yahoo. He talks at events all over the world – check out this video of his keynote at BlackHat USA 2017.

Tyler W Stearns

Tyler Stearns Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Solution Review

Tyler is a writer and analyst with the well-known industry magazine Solutions Review. Tyler specializes in DevOps and Network Monitoring. He recently published an article “Maintaining Compliance with a Cloud Managed Service Provider” which gives some excellent advice on finding the right MSP to provide compliance guidance.

Dave Weston

Dave Weston Top Cloud Experts - Luminate
Principal Security Engineering Manager, 
Dave is well known for his work in the platform level security mitigation against software vulnerabilities . He has worked at Microsoft covering penetration testing, threat intelligence, platform mitigation design, and offensive security for many years. Dave will be talking about “ZEROing Trust: Do Zero Trust Approaches Deliver Real Security?” at BlackHat USA this August.


Just a Starting List

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Cloud Security and Architecture Experts, but these are some of the most vocal and exciting in the community today. Follow the tweets of these industry influencers, and you will be anything but un-intrigued by the news filling your twitter feed. And when you find someone else to follow - spread the word; by all means, let us know so we can update our list too.


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